36.oz may be thought of as a kilo of drugs or perhaps a kilo of gold, whatever that may mean to you, but one thing they both hold in common is its quality and value. 36.oz represents staying pure to you and yours, and believing in yourself while becoming the change you want to see in others. 36oz is about doing what makes you happy, and becoming that person you want to be. 36oz is about continuing constant growth wether an entrepreneur, artist, or athlete giving your best ability and doing it the best way possible is what we promote through our brand. 36.oz is about constant change because let's face it, nothing ever stays the same. 36.oz’s purpose is to change people for the better and to demonstrate that with hard work, and effort anything and everything is possible. Inspiration brings motivation, and motivation demonstrates that you can do it, and oftentimes even better. Just always keep it 1000. #selfmedresponsibly #staypure #keysopendoors